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R a i s i n g     S t a n d a r d s

Our Story

Our name was inspired by the famous heart of London, Trafalgar Square, that had been a significant landmark for centuries, marking the official centre of London to which all distances across the UK are measured.


Trafalgar Square represented a proud victory in British history since Nelson’s Column was built to commemorate Admiral Horatio Nelson, who died at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. But to the amusement of many, its very name has no meaning in English at all. In fact, it commemorates East-West cultural exchange as it derives from an Arabic name of the battle site, which was named by Arabs of Spain (al-Andalus at the time), to mean ‘The Farthest Side’.


Trafalgar Global was founded in 2007 in United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia as a bridge of knowledge exchange between East and West. TG believes in empowering businesses, organisations and institutions through embracing management best practices tailored to meet local needs. Trafalgar Global specialty in providing unique border-crossing knowledge has made it a landmark attracting many partners in success around the world.

Trafalgar Global (TG) is a boutique management consulting firm, that delivers unique value to clients by fully understanding their needs and creating well-defined, customised and practical solutions in Strategy & Modeling, People & Organisation, and Marketing & Communication areas. Present in four different locations worldwide, TG will ensure to be your primary point of contact when it comes to finding solutions for your business issues and helping properly execute your strategy and achieve your business goals. TG clients portfolio includes family owned businesses, SMEs, NGOs, and Public Sector institutions in UK, Canada, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.



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